Automated, Continuous Merchant and Patron Fundraising.

100% goes directly to your nonprofit.

Unlike traditional fundraising tools, BigPie is continuous. Every time the register rings at a merchant in your community or even outside of the community, your nonprofit receives a patron-directed contribution and any merchant matches.

Simple. Impactful.

Watch this short video explaining BigPie. We’ll even provide you with BigPie fundraising kit so that you can assist your members and local merchants to quickly sign up, supporting your nonprofit with every purchase.

It Gets Better. MerchantMatch Multiplies the Giveback.

With BigPie MerchantMatch, your nonprofit can take advantage of funds available from local, regional, even national merchants that want to do good in your community. With every merchant’s match setup on your nonprofit’s behalf, the giveback you receive from each purchase grows by 100%!

Matching Funds Raised.

Merchants Hate Saying No.

Help Merchants Help You.

Merchants want their ongoing contributions to be recognized in the community as a merchant that’s “doing good”. With BigPie, because you have registered your patrons, merchants can setup a continuous investment in your nonprofit and see the recognition and results they receive firsthand. No more monthly or yearly solicitations by you. You can better work together permanently.

Getting Started Is Simple.

Claim your account now!

The entire process to request to take control of your BigPie Nonprofit Directory listing is only a few minutes. Based on your Federal Tax ID, we may have a lot of the information already pre-filled for you. So let’s get started.