Doing Well by Doing Good.

BigPie makes giving back make business sense.

With BigPie your local giveback is directly linked to the loyal patrons and nonprofits you likely already support. You set what you want to give (through matching or at a register or both) and the BigPie community promotes, directs and tracks the donations to the causes chosen by your customers. Giveback and sales rise together.

Recognized Giveback. Automated Administration. Continuous Promotion.

100% of the giveback goes directly to your patrons’ nonprofits. See how BigPie can bring you new, loyal customers.

Now you can say…

On any given day, you have had a customer asking to put up a fundraiser poster or for a donation, and you must make a decision on the spot. That’s uncomfortable for everybody, and especially you. With BigPie, you invest in your business, loyal customers, and important nonprofits at the same time. It’s a win for the entire community that also makes business sense. Yes!

See Your Results in Real-Time.

Measure and enhance your community impact.

The core of doing well by doing good is seeing results. With BigPie, you’ll have automated reporting on patron purchases and the nonprofits linked to your business. Your patrons see your involvement, and nonprofits encourage customers to visit your store or use your services. That’s a win-win for the entire community.

Getting Started Is Simple.

The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete and request registration in the BigPie Merchant Directory. So let’s get started!