What We’re All About.

BigPie is about community.

Technology has been great at creating virtual communities, but it has too often come at the detriment of our neighborhoods, local businesses and nonprofits. Our hope is to reverse the ongoing depersonalization of our interactions and use affordable technology to create a resurgence in local communities through greater local contribution and involvement.

As a first step, we believe an interactive solution that engages merchants, nonprofits and their patrons to work together collectively will contribute to revitalizing neighborhoods. And we are committed to ensuring all donated money to community causes pass directly to nonprofits without any fees.

Together, we can make a difference.

Who We Are.

We come from a diverse background of local nonprofits, family-owned businesses and technology companies in California’s Bay Area. We love our neighborhoods, actively participate in local buy and local grown movements, and support our charitable causes. We now see a chance to better use technology to create more focused reinvestment in our own neighborhoods and locales everywhere. We formed BigPie to make community-driven reinvestment a reality.

Our Leadership.

Josh Magid

Josh Magid
Director of Outreach

Beth Magid

Beth Magid
Director of Marketing

Aaron Magid

Aaron Magid
Director of Development

Founders and Advisors.

Robert Miller

Robert Miller, Founder

Matthew Scholl

Matthew Scholl, Founder

Jose Corona

Jose Corona, Advisor

Jenny Kassan

Jenny Kassan, Advisor

Mike Hannigan

Mike Hannigan, Advisor

Working with BigPie

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